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  • STEP 1: Fill out form on right and click submit
  • STEP 2: Select options, add them to your cart and check out
  • STEP 3: Once your form is reviewed, we will contact you with any additional questions. Initial profile proofs are typically provided in 2 to 4 days (business hours apply). You will provide revisions back to KPD. Once approved, your professional profile will be emailed to you in pdf format. If printing option is selected, standard turnaround print processing is 4-7 days plus approximately 3 days shipping.


  • 8.5 x 11, 2-page, 4-color flyer
  • Phone consultation
  • Two original designs to choose from
  • Three Sets of Revisions
  • Minor text editing/composition/refinement
  • Minor photo retouching of 1 client-supplied photo (headshot)
  • Final file provided in pdf format (printing not included)



  • Kristian Price Design terms and conditions – Click Here





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Step 1: Fill Out Form and submit


New Custom Profile Form

Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible. We will contact you with any additional information requests or information clarification needs.


Please note that, for printed profiles, you will need to provide high resolution images.


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Step 2: Add Product(s) to Cart and Check Out


Custom Flyer: $395.95 $295.95 [wp_cart:New Custom Profile:price:295.95:end]


Add Printing:

8.5×11, 4-color, 1-sided, gloss text weight paper.
Printing Prices are per individual profiles (no bulk print pricing available at this time) and include print processing, printing, shipping to your location and Michigan sales tax (what you see is the final, end price). Price does not include mailing services or postage.
Standard print processing is approximately 4-7 days plus approximately 3 days shipping. Printing is provided by a 3rd party vendor.



If you need to print a different quantity, please email or contact us by phone (734.306.1920).


Print 100: $115.95 [wp_cart:Print 100 Profiles:price:115.95:end]


Our selected print vendor reserves the right to ship within 5% over or under the requested quantity. If a minimum quantity is a necessity it is recommended that you adjust the total quantity ordered to account for the possibility of an under run. If an exact quantity is an absolute necessity please contact Kristian Price Design for additional assistance.