Real Estate Postcards

Property Postcards

Stop struggling to create postcards in-house!

These done-for-you commercial real estate postcards were designed so that you can get back to what you do best.

Now, you can easily amp up your visibility and customer recognition with professional, branded property postcards.

Compete and excel in the marketplace by making property postcards an automatic part of your listing process and be seen as the top-notch brokerage professional you know you are.

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Commercial Real Estate Flyer from Template

Order Postcard from Template

This is a done-for-you service designed to make it easy for you to simply place your order and get your finished postcard.

Choose from pre-designed template options OR enter your custom Easy Marketing template number when you place your order.

See a template design you like, but need different colors? Provide your details for a modified template that suits your color scheme.

Commercial Real Estate Flyer Changes

Order Postcard Change

Minor, content-only change to your existing, already approved postcard created through Easy Marketing (i.e. replace photo, modify bullet point, change address, etc.).

If additional products, drawings, etc. are required, please order them on their respective web pages.


Custom Postcard Template

Great for a multi-broker office!  
Go to the next level by ordering a custom postcard template coordinated specifically to your firm’s branding. Order a postcard from your template each time you get a new listing.

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Custom Postcard

Easily deliver the custom postcard that your special projects and properties require and impress your clients by providing them with the top-notch service they expect and deserve.

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