All websites need maintenance and updating in order to maintain security and functionality. If your website has not been updated in recent months (WordPress core, themes, plugins, php version, etc.), you are probably due for updates that will enhance the security and longevity of your website. It is also a good practice to have your hosting company provide frequent backups, security, and to add an ssl certificate to your website. If your site was created a while ago, it may be time to consider some important updates that will enhance your site’s functionality, visibility, and possibly even refresh its look and accessibility to site visitors. Things move fast in web design, security, accessibility, and search engine optimization, so revisiting these items for your website from time to time is essential for all businesses.

I am currently not working on website projects or offering ongoing maintenance plans but am providing some helpful resource links below to options for your future and ongoing website maintenance needs. Website maintenance plans are typically provided on a monthly or quarterly basis (depending on the provider) and are increasingly important for website owners. If you have chosen to maintain your own website, I always suggest having a backup before making any updates (including plugins, themes, WP core, etc.).

Below are some options that might be useful to you in this area:
Total WP Support
WP Buffs

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these service providers.