Professional Graphic Design

Professional graphic design is a competitive advantage and a fundamental part of your business strategy. It is important to have a clear, consistent and well organized message presented in every marketing communication.

Your company’s image should be consistent and meaningful, from your logo and business cards to your brochure and advertising design, to your Web site and internal materials.

I work with clients to enhance their overall brand communications through graphic design, conveying the company’s core values, offerings, and strengths by providing a cohesive marketing message.


Through a series of conversations and questions, I can better determine how best to present your advertising message to your target audience.

Whether you’re a small business looking to spread the word about upcoming sales, events, or promotions, or a large corporation looking to create a comprehensive and cohesive advertising campaign, I can design your advertising piece to your specifications, following your business’ overall branding message.

Books and Booklets

Have you considered creating a bound book or booklet for your business marketing needs? There are so many options available to you! From a smaller 8-12 page corporate capabilities booklet, to a mid-sized product catalog book, to a larger 170-page training manual, I can help you determine what the best options are for your desired results.

Give me a call and I can assist with the logistics, pricing, print coordination, custom design and text editing to make your next booklet project run smoothly.

Custom Brochure Design

A professional brochure should be custom designed and written to match your company’s overall branding image, as it provides a solid reminder to customers of your company’s offerings and capabilities.

Whatever the purpose, the desired outcome of your brochure must be evaluated up front and carried through to the final product. The size, paper quality, durability, content, and overall look and feel of your brochure are all important factors to consider.

I begin my brochure design process by determining your specific desired outcome and work through a series of questions to develop an outline for creatively and professionally producing the brochure that will make your company stand out.

Original Logo Design

My original logo design process begins with a conversation to determine how you envision your company’s brand message. I begin by asking the questions that will lead us to the logo design that will best represent your company’s core values and message.

As with any design project, it is imperative to align yourself with a designer whose work best matches your vision, so please take a look at my logo design gallery and contact me to discuss your company’s logo needs today.

Podcast Graphics and Logo Video Intros

Starting a podcast and need eye catching graphics and captivating in intros to match your style?

I specialize in collaborating with clients to craft stunning podcast graphics, distinctive logos, engaging logo animations, and enticing video intros that will truly set your podcast apart from the rest.

Reach out to me today to discuss bringing your podcast’s unique vision to life with the right graphics.

*Note: Currently, I am only taking on new clients and new projects on a limited basis (not including the Easy Marketing for Real Estate Pros! system). Please contact me directly for additional details.